If you have built a considerable net worth, being able to protect it, grow it further and ensure an intergenerational transfer that is both fair and satisfying to you is the priority of the family legacy.

Are we only talking about economic wealth?

Your net worth is of holistic nature.

Built by your own or legacy of your family tree.


Besides the money, property, assets, or in general economic wealth you may or may not have, there is a lot more you have acquired, and carry with you, for example, your skills, and capacity to care for your family, provide shelter, food, well being, nurture, health, safety, security to your beloved ones.

Throughout your lifetime, you have also built your own strength of character, chosen your own values, learned about your own identity, and follow your own heart or bliss. You made a choice or not to leave an imprint in this world, creating an impact that is positive for nature, societies, economies, or for future generations. You learned about how to cultivate and strengthen a positive mindset, how to keep a balance between your work, family, passion, vocation, and lifestyle. You have learned how to achieve happiness and self-realization, by setting your own guidelines to make decisions, choices, and take action in your own life.

Along your life journey, you have learned from your own choices, and developed the skills necessary for a leader, starting by leading your own life and future, and living your own purpose, discovering in daily life the form that your life mission takes, while responding and adapting your self throughout life challenges.

The knowledge you have acquired, as complex and profound, about yourself, life, nature, history, society, and humankind, guides you, as a beacon of light opening the pathways for your endeavors.

You have learned how to learn, faster, and efficiently. You have developed your own strategies, tactics; you have developed your creativity, and an innovative mindset, to help you produce the value you need for your life to move on.

Your ability to listen to yourself, to your intuition, sensitivity, emotions, and to the process, to keep a balance between now and the future, to set goals, structure, and build momentum to realize the milestones you have designed for your journey. Your capacity to include humanity in its diversity in your own life, in your communication, collaboration, and co-creation.

The mindset you carry, your perception of life, how you respond emotionally to life, the flow capacity you have developed to use your time, the emotions you use and acknowledge in your journey, in the processes you take part in, in the collaboration you enable with others. All the information you have acquired, the date you have created or saved, the capacity to analyze it and use it to achieve your aims. The information systems you have learned to utilize and/or create.

The community you have nurtured and built, the relationships you have developed, the bond you have cultivated with the people you love, you care for, and care for you. The quality of time you have learned to create for yourself and them. The quality of life you have managed to give to yourself and others. The level of systemic sustainable living and self-sufficiency you have managed to achieve. The art of communication of value you have developed, and the quality you ensure in it, by realizing it; the personal brand you have built for yourself, and the people you care about. Your ability to create bridges to the people, the places, the issues you want to address and enable the impact you want to create.

The systems and designs you use and have created, or not. The outcome of your systems and design thinking, the blueprints of your creativity. Your DNA and the DNA of your actions, your conscious capacity, and your subconscious potential. The intellectual property you have held for yourself, shared with the world, or not. 


The holistic net worth of your life.


  • You would like to build a legacy for your own family
  • You want to level up and develop the legacy you carry today for your family
  • You want to prepare a legacy for your family
  • You want to find the right matching partner, to build together, a legacy for your family 
    • A father or mother for your children
    • A co-parent
    • A donor of sperm or egg with the matching traits and DNA
    • A community of people to share place and time with
    • A collective of friends, soul-mates or love partners
    • Your own family cluster
  • You have a relationship or not with your family tree, and would like to acknowledge, and realize the value of their legacy
  • You are aware of your family tree legacy and would like to enhance it, develop it or transform it
  • You have received your family tree legacy and you want to plan ahead, cultivate and develop it, as your own legacy for your children
  • You have children or not, and want to prepare your holistic legacy for them


As a member of  the MALDONADO HOUSE, you are welcome to participate in a FAMILY LEGACY PROGRAM, to receive all the support and resources you need to:

Unveil, cultivate, develop your own family legacy

By yourself or together with your family members;

or to find the right matching person for building together a family legacy

and for having children together,

or to co-create together with your matching person, the next generation, the receivers of your family legacy.


Our Abroad Traveling, Outdoors & Online Traning, Events & Matching Programs combine:

  • Holistic Wealth Valuation
  • Family Legacy Plan (Strategic Management)
  • Personal Leadership Training
  • Multidisciplinary & Holistic Coaching
  • Impact Assessment Tools
  • Data-driven matching to find the right person to have children together
  • Data-driven matching to find the right person to develop your holistic family legacy together
  • Holistic Work-Life & Family Balance, Happiness training and coaching
  • Purpose Training
  • Adaptation capacity scan and risk management plan, for a family legacy in times of climate change. (From survival to the sustainable development of your family legacy) 
  • Did not find the right matching partner in your own culture, location? we help you find it anywhere in the world. Languages, Communication & Culture knowledge applied to a tailor-made matching service.


  • Coaching
  • Advise
  • Consultancy
  • Mentorship